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“Easy listening mood and style…layered with a blissful vocal. Arrangement is so smooth, every transition is thoughtful.” 

This past summer, I was feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle multiple projects within the ever-changing landscape of being an independent musician. A friend suggested I focus on outsourcing tasks, and jokingly challenged me to write a love song about delegating responsibility to help me learn how to do it. 

The lyrics came easily enough. I imagined someone who, after weighing the pros and cons of continuing a love affair, ultimately leaves the decision to the other party. The music was a bit harder. I knew the style of music I wanted but didn’t know how I was going to fit the elaborate Memphis soul arrangement I was hearing in my head into my limited budget. 

So I decided to approach "Delegate" from a subtractive rather than additive point of view. Applying the study of triads that have been the focus of my guitar lessons for the past two years, I dissected the song into small parts that I could easily play. I came up with a naked, vulnerable arrangement that sounds unlike anything I've written before. 

The exercise also helped me learn the first rule of delegation, namely, having clear explanations of the tasks to be assigned. I feel I’m one step closer to grasping the motto of successful entrepreneurs the world over: “Work smarter, not harder.”

- Amelia Ray, December 2022



Amelia Ray

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Released January 1, 2023 
Written, composed, arranged and performed by Amelia Ray 
Mixed and mastered by Brandon Bankes
Cover design by Daniel Cisneros

Video concept by Daniel Arastey Aroca and Amelia Ray 
Video directed and edited by Amelia Ray 
Color grading by David Utt 

Calvin Hazen 
Lare Hullabaloo 
Gregory Karpovics 
Odarley Morton Palomes 
Reina Mystique  
Christian Palomes
Danny Werner 
Jake Wood


Do I love you? 
Do I trust you? 
Can we start anew? 
I'm in no shape to decide so 
I delegate it to you 

Is it springtime? 
Are you all mine? 
Can we make it through? 
There's a feeling inside but 
I delegate it to you 

Could this be forever? 
We might be so sad 
I should walk away, however 
Baby, you're the best I ever had 

Are we there yet? 
Are you my safe bet? 
Does it all ring true? 
See, I've got nothing to hide so 
I delegate it to you 

I should walk away, however 
We might be so glad 
This time could be forever 
'Cause, baby, you're the best I ever had 

Do you need me? 
Will you deceive me? 
Leave me sad and blue? 
I'll cast my fears aside and 
I'll delegate it to you 

© 2022 Amelia C. Ray/Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP)