A documentary with subtitling by Amelia Ray

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem - the most sacred place in Christendom - is shared by six different Christian sects: Greek Orthodox, Catholics, Armenians, Copts, Syrians and the Ethiopians - all of whom are constantly trying to maintain the ancient, fragile Status Quo. 



Road Song (2012)

A pseudo-documentary with original music by Amelia Ray

Not all immigrants go willingly....some are taken ..... In Central Spain there is a myth about a singing and travelling Indian man, who has been captured by the Portuguese. This man is believed to be buried in Salamanaca in Central Spain. A musician goes in the search of this myth and discovers the current state of spirits in Spanish village.....



a killing in choctaw (2004)

A documentary with original music by Amelia Ray

An 18 year-old Black man witness his father's murder in the hands of a White man. Twenty years later, he confronts his past and learns to forgive in order to move forward.