Welcome to the world of Powder Pop, where neither your ego nor your white pantsuit need be checked at the door; where Kratfwerk, King Britt, Bauhaus and Bacharach meet for martinis and discuss a mutual admiration of Twiggy. 

Why No Dream is an electronic music project birthed in the underground clubs of Madrid for those who normally eschew dance music, preferring to lazily bop their heads to the beat while holding up the wall. The era of dancing without sweating has returned. 

Cités, the first EP from Why No Dream, ponders the sounds places seem to possess and emit, and comprises five three-and-a-half minute songs that were entirely composed, performed and recorded using only samples and sounds available in GarageBand for iPad. The samples were carefully matched and layered to create five unique compositions with complex beats and rich melodic patterns.

Why No Dream = Amelia Ray's electronic music project

Released 6 September 2018 
Composed, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by Amelia Ray
Mastered by Jesse Skeens at Medway Studios
Album artwork by PES
Album design by Einat Amir

© 2018 Amelia C. Ray/Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP)