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Another Corny Love Song

This is gonna be another corny love song
But don’t you turn away
It doesn’t really last long
Just long enough to say
That you have saved my day from a bore
With your smile

Here we are, now, see? The second verse of the love song
And so far, it’s OK
You can even hum along
Or just listen while I play
Hey, now, that’s the way!

Soon we will be floating on a cloud of bright uncertainty
Succumbing to our bitter insecurities
Accusing each other of several different kinds of sure insanity
But for now, we’ll call it love

Now we’ve reached the end of this corny love song
Did you enjoy your stay?
I told you it wouldn’t last long
Just long enough to fray
Until she goes away
Like before

©2008 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP)