MIXTAPES: EIGHT years of discovery and
curating and counting

DECEMBER 2021       

“Demento,” Stoned Statues 
“Forgot About, “Priya Ragu 
“Don’t Put Me in Red,” Xenia Rubinos 
“Wakaresaseya,” Utopianisti 
“Natalie,” Kills Birds 
“War Time,” Artz, Bugy, Freddie Gibbs 
“Good Blood,” Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers 
“Ave Maria,” Helsinki Police Symphonic Band, Helena Juntunen 
“My Last Song,” Isle of Joy 
“Magnetic Pole Reversal,” Cosmo Jones Beat Machine 
“Quotations,” Water from Your Eyes 
“Many Times,” Dijon 
“So She Runs,” Single Girl, Married Girl 
“Five Feet Tall,” Lady Blackbird 
“Stardust,” Jake Shimabukuro, Willie Nelson

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NOVEMBER 2021      

“Orca,” Yuta Orisaka 
“Flint,” BRUUT! 
“Alameda Apartments,” Neal Francis 
“Forever Everette,” Bedouine 
“drivers license,” Olivia Rodrigo 
“Murder at the Bingo Hall” Amigo the Devil 
“My American Heart - Prelude,” Lilli Lewis 
“Sparks,” Pasquale Stafano 
“Dogs and Ducks,” tricot 
“כבוד השר” kobe shmuely, Jonathan Ram 
“Life Is Not the Same,” James Blake 
“Strange Love” Lowland Hum 
“The Opportunity to Help Somebody Through It,” Jim Lauderdale 
“Magnolia,” Laufey 
“Het Magnetisme Van De Goot,” Yong Yello

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OCTOBER 2021     

“Morning Joe,” Jay Miners 
“star-crossed,” Kacey Musgraves 
“REBEL TIME,” MOONGA K., Sampa the Great 
“The Black Bag of Surprise,” MonoNeon, retroPmaS 
“Andrew,” M Field 
“משאיר אבק (אינטרו),” Teddy Neguse 
“Desert Moon,” Sophia Knapp, Dungen 
“Pressure,” Southern Avenue 
“Money Train,” Malcolm Holcombe 
“Phases (ft. Sharrif Simmons),” quickly, quickly 
“Geometry of You,” Joan As Police Woman, Tony Allen, Dave Okumu 
“No Greater Love,” Rita Ray 
“Stand for Myself,” Yola 
“My Friend of Misery,” Kamasi Washington 
“Only in America / When The Curtains of the Night are Peeled Back,” Matthew E. White

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SEPTEMBER 2021    

“Wake Up,” Spirit Adrift 
“Equipaje Adolescente,” Alejandro Escovedo 
“Jumala on nainen,” Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani 
“Sod,” Cloud Of I 
“Vertigo,” Béla Fleck (feat. Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, and Bryan Sutton) 
“When We Move,” Common Feat. Black Thought & Seun Kuti 
“מתי,” Ido Sade 
“Love Is the Key,” The Chuck Wagon Gang 
“The Future Is Behind Us,” Between the Buried and Me 
“Ready Is Always Too Late,” Sinead Harnett 
“Bella Ci Dormi,” Elina Duni, Rob Luft, Fred Thomas & Matthieu Michel 
“Waxman,” Ty Segall 
“Erasmus,” Ellen Andrea Wang, Rob Luft & Jon Fält 
“Moonlit and Devious - Alternate Version,” Allie Crow Buckley, Lee Pardini 
“Amelia,” Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

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AUGUST 2021   

“Sippy Cup,” Horsey 
“Violin,” Cookiee Kawaii, Dear Silas 
“Hangover Blues,” Amythyst Kiah 
“Right Is Alright, Wrong Is to Belong,” Moin 
“Weed in LA,” The Koreatown Oddity 
“No Beef,” Homeboy Sandman 
“Amoeba,” Clairo 
“Let Them Know,” Mabel 
“Living a Lie,” Bobby Gillespie, Jehnny Beth 
“I Drew the Water,” Wild Earp, Sweet Sassy Molassey 
“Our People,” Emma-Jean Thackray 
“סים סימה,” Sima Noon 
“Got Me,” Laura Mvula 
“Birmingham,” Andrew Bryant 
“Gratitude,” Mr Jukes, Barney Artist

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JULY 2021  

“Marooned,” Amelia Ray 
“Orlo,” Timo Lassy 
“Little Deer,” Spelling 
“Chivalry Is Not Dead,” Hiatus Kaiyote 
“Grown Bones,” Lila Blue 
“Loops from the Treehouse,” Max Willow 
“Path of Wellness,” Sleater-Kinney 
“Lipstick,” WILLOW 
“Jack of Fools,” Spencer Cullum 
“Its Way with Me,” Wye Oak 
“Satta,” Greentea Peng 
“Sun Kissed Child,” Kamasi Washington 
“יותר רע מטוב," Shani Turiel 
“When I’m in Your Arms,” Cleo Sol 
“Get It Like That (Dedicated to Neil Peart),” The Aristocrats

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JUNE 2021 

“Dusty Roads,” Sa-Roc 
“No Tengo Dinero,” Juanes 
“Ne Vreme,” Funk Shui, Vera Ljubojna 
“Heaven Must Be Like This” Hil St. Soul 
“When We Wander,” Jesse Terry 
“Body,” Clara Baker 
“What Ain’t to Be Just Might Happen” Rhonda Vincent 
“Main Title,” Lee Pardini 
“Baby Is So Bad,” Ma Nien Hsien 
“Delirio Cabal,” Mama Ladilla 
“Dear Saint Cecilia,” Iceage 
“Not Your Friend,” Maia Sharp 
“Somebody Else,” Plastic Sun 
“Slush,” Royce Wood Junior 
“bloom,” New Ro

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MAY 2021

“A Rat Without a Tale,” Daniel Romano’s Outfit 
“My People,” Cha Wa 
“Traffic!,” Katy Kirby 
“Hverjum hef∂i geta∂ dotti∂ í hug?” Svavar Knútur, Kristjana Stefáns 
“Herringbone,” Topaz Jones 
“Cremant,” Robby Ameen 
“What’s Troubling You Child?” Lauren Housley 
“Scratchyard Lanyard,” Dry Cleaning 
“Reason to Believe,” Bill Champlin 
“Sharp Teeth,” The Vintage Caravan 
“Do It Again,” Evvie McKinney 
“When the Covers Come Off,” David Nance 
“Born in the Dark,” Eric Hutchinson 
“Drão,” Milton Nascimento 
“This Is the Sea,” Tom Jones 

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APRIL 2021 

“Thank You for Waiting (for Me),” Harry Connick, Jr.  
“Come Over,” VanJess  
“The Needle and the Thread,” Rona Kenan  
“Be Nice!” Zach Jones  
“Skripti,” Sointi Jazz Orchestra  
“Hero of Time,” Amerigo Gazaway  
“Annie,” Jillette Johnson  
“Torture,” Editrix  
“Alone Again,” Greg Mayo, Akie Bermiss  
“Leave the Door Open,” Silk Sonic  
“be not afraid.” Tune-Yards  
“Napadaan Lang (Acoustic Version),” Claro  
“Silicone Prairie,” Silicone Prairie  
“Roller,” Dub FX  
“Angel Eyes,” Jon Herington  

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