I woke up on New Year's Eve with the line "2020's just a day away" stuck in my head. At first it made me laugh because no matter how I tried, I couldn't bring myself to sing "2021's just a day away". The more I repeated it, the more the line sounded like a warning. I imagined someone carrying that warning back in time to people in 2019 to let them know they had better get their partying in while they still could. As the song developed and I thought about the events of 2020, it occurred to me how many people were fervently awaiting the new year - as if a magical stroke of the clock would set everything right again. It seemed the people living in 2020 also needed a warning: nothing was going to change unless they changed it.  

Six hours after I'd woken up, "Marooned" had been written, composed and recorded. I spent the rest of the day awash in a confusion of hesitant, skeptical celebration. 

- Amelia Ray, June 2021

Live recording from 31 December 2020
Released June 2021
Cover design by Daniel Cisneros 


Check your hair in the mirror, spray some Afro Sheen 
Put on a pair of new shoes to dance away 2019 
Take the family to Vegas, see the band at Mandalay Bay 
Hate to be the one to tell you 2020’s just a day away 

Wildlife in Australia, no more will it roam 
And Brexit’s a term that’ll hit even closer to home 
The temperature’s rising, we’ll throw out Roe v. Wade 
Don’t know how to tell you, 2020’s just a day away 

There’ll be wars and diseases and social unrest 
The virus will kill most celebs we have left 
Postal service gives up, And if that won’t beat all 
They’ll have the nerve to go and cancel sportsball 

Had a ticket to Tokyo, there was no need to make that trek 
But I hope that’s a flame someone will remember to check 
Feels like all of this happened only yesterday 
Oh, that’s right, I keep forgettin’, 2020’s just a day away 

Plane crashes, cops killing and massive oil leaks 
Apples to oranges, still can’t get impeached 
Terrorism and earthquakes, nightmare in Beirut 
Sounds a lot like 1982 

So dress up all in white and get wasted on Zoom 
Make-believe you’re not the only other person in the room 
Suck down a grape for every tick, every tock 
Just know the ignorance won’t expire with the stroke of the clock 

Keep the Hoppin’ John simmering, shake up the Afro Sheen 
Bid “Good riddance, goodbye” to the worst year you’ve possibly seen 
Make a list of resolutions to improve your internal Feng shui 
Just let me remind you 2020’s just a day away 

Said, don’t you forget 2020’s just a day away 

© 2020 Amelia C. Ray/Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP)