"Constant Traveller" was the result of the Zero to Single project - in which, with the help of Patrons, Amelia composed, arranged, produced, recorded, and released an original song in 30 days.


Touch down in the middle of nowhere 
Travelled 2,000 miles just to get there 
Nobody sat at home, worried 
Waiting up for me 

Tell the date by the city I'm playing 
When to sleep all depends where I'm staying 
Curse the dawn with a new or an old friend 
Every now and then 

People pass on the street 
There's always someone to meet 
And friends calling me up on the phone 
There just ain't no way to be lonely when you’re not alone 

The trail of anonymous places 
Mapped hard in the lines on our faces from all these of distant places 
We raise a glass in a toast to what’s come to be 
Freedom's monotony 

Between singing the blues 
And long nights with cheap booze 
I make family wherever I roam 
There just ain't no way to be homesick when you've got no home 

No time for routine 
Every day a new scene 
I tell you this life ain’t so bad 
There just ain’t no way for you to miss something you never had 
I say, there just ain't no way for me to miss something I never had

© 2020 Amelia C. Ray/Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP)

Released 3 April 2020 

Amelia Ray – vocal, acoustic guitar 
Brad Bennett – slide guitar 
Howard Mayberry – drums 
Ted Gould III – bass 
Yaron Fuchs - mixing, mastering
Edgar Toscano - videographer (Progreso, MX)