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  1. Iberian Girl

From the recording Mr. Gibson Scores Again


Iberian Girl

Walking along, singing a song that I wrote for my girlfriend
Well, it seems that fall has finally come this way
I was surprised, she was obliged, asked me why I thought she should stay
And, for all my thoughts, I found I had nothing to say

You could see what's gone wrong
That my love took too long
Now it seems all I've been working for is gone

I never thought that I'd be stumbling down this road again
Well, you'd think I'd learn from all my past mistakes
But here I am I'm standing face-to-all the pretty pictures under my bed
And, inside, I hear that nasty little tremor of questions start to quake

Is it me? I don't know
Some would say she should go
'Cause I'm only going to end up saying no

They say it's not so bad to run around
But the only time I wanna be in somebody's arms
Is with my feet flat on the ground

I paid a doctor to take a camera to my brain
And analyse all the shots she took
But the negatives came out a bit too dark
And then she asked me if I would rather go
For dinner and a movie one autumn night
Or just pack a lunch and sit out in the park

Was that real? who could say?
Did she mean, "Come my way?"
Well, we'll find out over wine and cheese today

©2001 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP).