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  1. Doser

From the recording Mr. Gibson Scores Again



Strange that I have never seen you break
Strange that you have never seen me take
You don't believe in everything that you hear, so
Why would you want to go and leave me standing here
When you know I just dream to watch you wake?

Standing in the hall I feel the silence of my home
I got no place for you to run away to
I guess that's why you left me alone
I just don't see how your need to be right
Can outweigh your need to feel loved
I guess it's the time
and the wrong sign

Il n'y pas de mot ici
Para explicar a ti
If you'd trust me, you would see
Il n'y pas de mot

If you knew how much I loved you
(if you knew how much I cared for you)
Would you put my mind above you
And bear all and more, unfasten,
(would you take my hand and lead me to the promised land)
To the secret of your passion
Would you feel the hand that holds you
(I can give you all that you need)
Reach down into your soul you
Have so much more to live for
(Won't you make some time with me?)
If you let me try to give your...

©2001 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP).