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  1. Who'syerdaddy?

From the recording Mr. Gibson Scores Again



Talk about your dirty old man
You got a bird in the bush, and two in your hands
Someone's on the phone crying, "We need relief,"
And all you have to offer is a measure full of grief
Everybody knows, it's the daily news,
That you're just trying to walk in your Daddy's shoes

You better heed what your Daddy cried,
"Try to wipe the dung off your boots before you step inside"

Driving everybody insane
You got greed in your eyes and war on the brain
(more money, more power)
Just to prove that you're not a heartless fool,
You do your best Marv Albert at the Cardinal rule
(marv albert, more power)
If they try to tell you that your foot's in your mouth,
You say that's the way we do it in the south

You better heed what your Daddy said,
"Don't you let the power of the press go to your head"

You better do what your Daddy did
Soon you'll be a foreign power with drunks for kids

©2001 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP).