From the recording Music for Autistic People

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Martha's Complaints

All day long they're pleading
"Could this be more fun?
Someone is misleading
We think you're the one

We don't have the patience for
Phrasings quite this long
All these explanations
Tangentially drawn"

All day long she listens
The words are all the same
But who'll take the time, then
To listen to Martha's complaints?

He comes in a-crying
"Glad this day is done
Someone must console me
I think you're the one

Everybody's trying to
Bring your old man down
Come on, baby, hold me
And turn up my frown"

All evening long she listens
He's a sinner, he's a saint
But who'll take the time, then
To listen to Martha's complaints?

She stares at the ceiling
"God, my head is reeling
Someone should succumb
I guess I'm the one"

Stands before the mirror
Things don't get much clearer
Sits down in a chair
And studies what she finds there

All night long she listens
To the voices soft and faint

"There's a hole in the chair, and I can't stand my hair
And the roof's caving in, and the dog's getting thin
And I'd like to retire, or maybe get fired
But then, if he falls ill, how will we pay the bills?
And the children are grown, but they keep coming home
And we try to save more, but it's money out the door
I should think about sleeping as morning is creeping
But if I don't give now
Who will listen to Martha's complaints?"

©2005 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP).