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  1. Unrequited 19:46

From the recording Music for Autistic People

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Unrequited 19:46

Now I lay me down to sleep
Wishing I were there at your feet
I would tell you how I feel today
And wash your cares away
This I could do for you

Can I bathe you in my dreams?
Can I dress you like a queen?
If you'd say, "Yes," I'd be more than pleased
To be there kneeling at your knees
This I would do for you

Kate Bush might have a better rhyme
Could it be I am wasting your time
Just like all the others standing in line?
Will it take eternity for you to see
What you mean to me?
Should I cry? Should I die?

I'll leave you with a melody
To show you all the things you mean to me
In case you are still unaware
As I lie here playing with your hair
This I will do

©2005 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP).