From the recording Music for Autistic People

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eaving for Tennessee

It's late and the liquor flows like blood
I'm not the only one who's shaking from the cold
Inside the trees talk softly with the wind
But we are separate beings, not at all like them

I can't stay awake and watch you fall again

"I'm tired of cleaning up your mess," she says
I cannot believe you are not amused
By me there's a telephone, a bible, a syringe
Which one will I choose, which one will win?

I can't go to sleep, 'fraid I just might fall

Everybody has so much to say when their mouths
Are full of alcohol, most of it's true
If I could find one reason why
I wouldn't want to stay with you

I can't go to sleep, 'fraid I just might fall

©1995 A. Ray. Annabel Is Her Mother Today (ASCAP).