A look at life as an immigrant in Finland during quarantine 

Interviewee: Alinda P Mema 
Music and project by Amelia Ray 
Project funded by Taiteen edistämiskeskus


“Hambone Says” uses contemporary past aesthetic to explore race relations, rage and role reversal in the U.S. (with Jake Wood and Peggy Peralta)

"Up, Up & A Ray"

"Up, Up & A Ray" was a weekly, half-hour, livestreamed variety show that aired from June-November 2020. The show was created, hosted by and starred Amelia Ray, and featured performances by  Ray and guest musicians, the comedic genius of Lauren Flans and a game show portion with contestants. 

The Quarantuned Music Festival 

From March to May 2020, Amelia Ray hosted The Quarantuned Music Festival - a series of 24-hour, worldwide, virtual music festivals that featured 121 participants from 33 countries. Through viewer donations, the festivals raised over $3600 to benefit artists affected by COVID-19 concert cancellations. A portion of the proceeds was donated to GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund


MashUpheaval is a twice-monthly, all-request, live performance mashup podcast hosted and performed by the Adventurer of Rock and Roll, Amelia Ray